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Life is like a shadow, it’s mostly attributed to a candle wax that melts away.

Now listen, have you been disregarded before, hey! it pains a lot but the solution lies in this two words “WIN FIRST”.


People does not acknowledge you if you don’t give them a reason to acknowledge you, just WIN FIRST and you will be surprised how you will be accepted even when you don’t feel like being accepted. Remember, no one insults you without your consent.

It does not matter how old you are or people you know, what matters is the Focus, Attention, Concentration and Devotion you give to your job, don’t say I don’t have a job presently (building yourself is also a job you should take more seriously). Whatever you do, there is Success in it if only you adhere to the principles of Dedication, people may not take you serious when you are in the starting point of your life but WIN FIRST and we will know who takes each other serious.

Any situation not agreeing to your Mission Statement, just “speak a word into the atmosphere”. God is waiting for you to Speak, if you don’t speak nothing happens. I will soon write on a topic I captioned “GOD IS WAITING”.

Motivation and Determination is a great key to Success, just disable the button tagged distraction” and I bet you the Sky will be your starting point.  WIN FIRST!!

Remember to encourage and motivate someone by sharing this…. #LETS CHANGE OUR MINDSET AND PURSUE OUR MANDATE# God bless you!


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