Use the Right Key Always

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Imagine you having a bunch of key with several keys on it without specific identification to each, and returning from work one night after a hectic and busy day, so hungry, tied, phone battery gone down and no single light source around the neighbourhood. How do you open your door??????

On several occasions when we face one of life’s challenges or the other, we deliberately( sometimes unconsciously) choose to revolve around the problem simply because we aren’t applying the right remedy to it.

Yes, just as every other living being will react or respond to stimuli, so also we immediately want to respond to the challenge.


But let me ask, do you really think or you’re sure that every challenges of life has its own solution?

Though on several trials and errors, bugulary theft, one key may open other doors, but there’s always A KEY TO A DOOR.

Why then do we use the wrong key even when the proper one is available??

We want to help ourselves, but first we try to help God to help us and we end up revolving around one problem or probably heaping other once on that particular one.


Everyone( Christians& non christian) know more than 60% of their problem cause but we aren’t courageous and determined enough to sort them one after the other and use the right key for each door. For example, challenges that requires fervent prayer, we end up using physical means trying to solve them and neglect the ones we ought to have solved by strength or effort.


Be it minor or major problem, there’s always a place you can sort it out and apply the right key  to open it- The Place of Prayer.

There’s a master key to every problem both physical and spiritual -Jesus Christ.

So let’s come boldly before the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in times of need.( Heb 4:16).


Use the RIGHT KEY from today.

Goodmrn, Goodaft, Goodeve.

God bless you.

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