Tips for Proper Parenting.

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What does it really take to be a good parent? Does it require you being harsh all the time? Are there times you just want to be on the same level of behaviour with your children so they dont get angry with you?
Let us read through the heplful tips below and see if some parents need to change their orientation regarding parenting.
If you intend to be a good parent, start by:
1. Be a good listener
2. Use appreciation rather than condemnation.
3. Keep your language positive.
4. Direct rather than request.
5. Be firm, fair and friendly.
6. Be your child’s confidant.

Let’s ponder on this for a minute: Dont you think parenthood really begins before you have children or a family??


I would say it does it because i have always been made to understand that the minute a person is placed under your care, you are fully responsible for the person’s total well-being. Which is exactly what you would do when you eventually have your family. These days, alot of young people try to behave like their children because they believe it will be easier to instill discipline that way. But its totally wrong because with time, some form of disrespect is likely to set in. There is a huge difference between discipline and being fair.

A parent can try to be fair with a child in certain situations but if that issue calls for a measure of discipline then you have missed it completely. It is better for the child to understand where he/she went wrong but then the parent also needs to display a level of discipline so thte child knows when not to do the wrong things deliberately.

I encourage young people most especially to view parenthood from the perspective ,that way its easier to handle your family when it comes.

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