The Unwelcome Visitor

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Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
Ah! Knock, who could that be??
Those where the call (verbal or express) of a visitor and your response.
Probably, a spy through the window may be more than enough to identify who the visitor is, especially in today’s world of extreme security consciousness.


On identification of the unwelcome visitor especially the case of a known mooch or freeloader would be war within us whether to accept or deny our availability; talk of responding expressively or even to opening the door.
If eventually the visitor happen to be a symbiont, a different case of welcome is recognised. The door is opened quickly with expectations because the unwelcome visitor must have brought good news. Even if his coming is for request of something, sooner or later something good may also come from them.

But then, there’s an unwelcome visitor, an intruder, invisible in nature; the effect of its presence in our life or situation is only felt after a while. Such visitor am sure, the word ‘unwelcome’ is inferior for its qualification but it comes to all at one stage of life or the other – trials, suffering or challenges.

Just like  the name imply, no one expect to or will open the door for such a visitor.

Since its inevitable, what should be our response to it throughout the period of its stay??
Whether they’re trials from God or situations resulting from our own mistakes, there are always lesson(s) to learn from it.
If they come from our mistakes, we need embrace it, the lesson should be learnt and the cause(s) should be avoided as much as possible. And if they’re from God, all we need do is  embrace it joyfully, keep praying, learn the lesson while waiting patiently for God to  relieve us.

This is simply why James instructs, count it all joy whenever trouble come your way, let it be an opportunity for joy……

These situations should test your faith, build your endurance and bring us out strong and better people. James 1:2-3.

So whenever you see an unwelcome visitors, intruder (suffering, trials) in your home instead of panics and killing ourselves, please welcome them prayerfully, entertain them( not celebration), seek God’s hand in them, learn from the situations they bring and become more wiser, stronger and greater than you were.


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