The GOD of Agriculture

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It took me about three days to finally make the decision to write this article, i knew what i wanted to write on but i just didnt know how best to write this without being subjective. i eventually decided to go with the flow just as it came to me, who knows if it might take me another 3 days before i could get the motivation to write again, so i’ll let you be the judge as to how objective this write up is.

There’s been so many opinion and theories about the origin of man, some claim that they came from the family of ¬†apes (so true, but we are not talking about their family here), some have claimed and even attempted to proof that man came to be as a result of a big bang, some say oduduwa is their fore father, some are of the opinion that they originated from the dust orchestrated by a supreme being, GOD. I want to base my write up on this last class mainly because it draws light to my profession which originally is the reason why i’m writing.


According to the bible, man was created by God, and the intricasies of this creation are well detailed in the very first few pages of the bible, and i’m tempted to say it seems like God was indeed a farm manager. From that account, you will agree with me that after the sun, moon, the land, the seas, the next is plants and animals, God being the first agricultural Economist was careful to create them in succession, he first created the factors neccessary for a productive enterprise, the sun, the land, then the vegetations.

Apparently if we are going with this story, you will agree that agriculture is the very first practice in the history of existence, God did a good job putting into consideration the factors of production, ensuring that the resources neccesary are readily available, i hope we can take cue from this example and understand that agriculture is not just about making money, it’s about creation and as such, a lot must run in the background before production. I’ve had many people come to me to tell me they want to venture into agriculture and they dive in with the major aim of making profit but if you ask me, anyone who is capable of creating something is definitley capable of making profit from that same thing created. Just hold that thought as i continue with my write up…

So after a really nice job, God had invented agriculture as it were, everything he made was good, the factors of production were starting to come together, he had made the land evaluting the science of the soil and proper management of the available land, he gathered the capitial, this time the capital was provided in raw materials, he looked into the plant’s physiology so He could get optimal crop productivity, bearing in mind the seed’s technology he made provisions for plant breeding and in his best capacity provided protection for the crops. it’s all sounding familiar right? In the same manner he reviewed the animals’ physiology, He quickly established a range and pasture land for the animals to feed knowing fully well that their nutrition was tantamount to their opitimal productivity and health, he studied their genetics and began breeding.

Thus the capital was ready, and he was certain that the only missing puzzle was Labour, so he reached out to his human resources and managment department and began a staffing process, using a pre-existing staffing policy, he created man according to this policy and began extension work, he showed him round and taught him the procedures neccesary to be just like him. For the man to be able to function on his own, God made a garden and made man the manager and he became the sole administrator, at the end of the day, they (God and man) have a meeting where they discuss the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats facing this new enterprice called the Garden of Eden. And from this garden agriculture was born.

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good…”

Genesis 1:3

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