Apple Iphone8 vs Samsung galaxy S8

The new Samsung galaxy S8 has propelled, and its objective of decision is the up ’til now unlaunched Apple iPhone 8 Commemoration Release. These smartphones are basic for both organizations. Apple survives to a great extent off the iPhone today, and Samsung is attempting to recuperate both from its consuming telephone issue and from its […]

The New Era Episode 5

Previously……. Dr Michael and Ngozi had been delayed on their way to the hospital by some policemen. By the time Dr Michael brought Ngozi in, she was feeling faint, as though all her energy has been drained. She could hardly move a muscle. She was immediately wheeled to the delivery room by the nurses on […]

The New Era Episode 3

EPISODE 3 Previously……………….. Stephen went for Post-UME at UNIDAB Sandra had left for her mother’s house due her fiance’s infidelity. loading… Stephen arrived at the examination hall and was taken aback by the number of people in there. The hall he was assigned to housed 2,000 aspirants. He searched for the seat with his number […]

The New Era Episode 2

EPISODE 2.. PREVIOUSLY……………. Sandra had went to the beach to grieve over her cheating fiance and ends up receiving a bouqet of flowers.”Wipe your tears…..Someone still cares alot about you, Sandy” Sandra wondered who the person could be.”I don’t need anyone else in my life now” She said to herself.”Admirer or no Admirer, its all […]