Things you need to know about Android 7

1.A appropriate clear-all The new Android nougat is slightly covered up, however Google now incorporates an unmistakable all catch to close all open applications with a tap. Look to the highest point of the see cards, where you’ll find the new catch. loading… 2.Data Saver will save your data In Android nougat, Data Saver is […]

Apple Iphone8 vs Samsung galaxy S8

The new Samsung galaxy S8 has propelled, and its objective of decision is the up ’til now unlaunched Apple iPhone 8 Commemoration Release. These smartphones are basic for both organizations. Apple survives to a great extent off the iPhone today, and Samsung is attempting to recuperate both from its consuming telephone issue and from its […]


1. A physicist is a firm believer of the God theory(the existence of God). 2. He is passionate about everything he does. 3. There is no giving up in is timetable. 4. He always remembers this quote “before you relinquish. on a project, give a thought of why you started”. 5. He looks poor and […]