Stunning Accessibility

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Accessibility is a noun derived from its adjectival form accessible, meaning the easy to approach, reach, enter or speak with. Something’s accessible if its obtainable or attainable that is, access can be gained.
By the definition, it connotes that, not everything is accessible.

A simple illustration is the border crossing between countries. Your passport gives you accessibility into an alien country. Whether you wanna transact business within few minutes/hours or to live permanently. That’s on a broad note.
Now on a minor scale, if anyone desires to see the governor or president of his own state or country, a booking is necessary; an approval(recognised) Must be given within donkey days( if at all).
Thus, in the world, if any man assumes God’s position today then accessibility will be extremely difficult if not impossible.


Now when we look at it in God’s view, its absolutely the antonyms of the world’s setting right from the creation of the world.

God longed for fellowship with men, He created man and that purpose was achieved until sin sets in through the deception of Eve by the serpent. Gen. 3
Man lost that grace and now requires a passport or mediator to stand in the gap, probably bringing message, access or permission from God. Abraham, Moses, Joshua etc tried in their very best to fill this gap but there wasn’t anyone perfect enough to please God’s expectation.
But God is so rich in mercy and He loved us so much that even in a sinful state, He gave us life through the death and resurrection of Christ( His ONLY Son). Eph. 2:4-5.
Through Christ we(believers) now have free access to God without barriers: racial, gender or class discrimination etc.
Paul expatiate this clearer in 2Cor 5:19. “For God was in Christ reconciling (granting access again of) the world to Himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them( rewarding us accordingly).
Ordinarily, with Christ – our passport, we should approach( go to) God when we choose, but Christ did not just grant us a free, timeless access but gave us an intimacy with God- He left God with us. His spirit now lives inside of us. Thus when our flesh is truly weak to approach God( go to Him, bring our needs and problems etc), His spirit already knowing what we need, makes a plea( speaks) for us. Rom. 8:26
Such is an open access without permission or payment etc and everyone ought go for it. Eph. 2:18

Go for your Passport NOW!

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