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God’s thought for you is of good and not of evil to give you an expected end…. Don’t end it by yourself because it will be an insult to God that has a good purpose for your life and if you kill yourself, you will also end up in killing those who love you, come to think of it, why do you want to commit suicide? Because;

  1. Life is no more meaningful to you?
  2. He/she ended the relationship just like that?
  3. Your husband/wife caught you with another man/woman?
  4. You are from a poor and rejected home that cannot take care of you?
  5. You failed a course or courses in your institution and you can’t face your sponsor(s) or you can’t go through the shame of carrying it over?
  6. Job doesn’t seem to come your way?
  7. You can’t conceive like other women or your wife cannot give you a child? Etc.

Your reasons are very good, but whatever category it falls on either listed below or not, it is not reasonably reasonable to carry out that suicide mission instead the reproach that will fall upon you and your people can never be forgotten till eternity, imagine the neighbors describing your house or your family as “that family where the child committed suicide” , if anybody looks for anyone in your family, that is how the direction will be given, apart from that you have succeeded in telling God your maker that He shouldn’t have thought of creating you, that He made a mistake by seeing you through the nine(9) months of Grace in your mother’s womb. I wish everyone that committed suicide will come back to life and tell us what they gained from doing it, but it’s not possible, if wishes were horses……

Who told you that taking your life will be a solution to your problem or it means that you have ended it all, I heard a story of someone in debt and because he is being pestered here and there decided to end it all by taking his life, that is foolishness because if the people you are owing are the insensible ones, my dear they are coming for your parents after you must have gone and they will pay, now “what is the reason for dying?” that is why I called it foolishness and the foolishness spreads to all the reasons that may lead one to commit this blunder called “SUICIDE”. Being human, nobody wants to suffer, everyone wants to live an easy life, if everyone is living an easy life, life itself will be boring; that is why you can call a carpenter to help you fix the furnitures, that is why you can call a plumber to help you out, that is why you can buy airtime from the street hawker or from a shop and make calls etc, all these people come together to make life sweet, because you have the cash to buy all these does not give you the authority to insult those you think are below you when you rightfully know that everyone will still be buried in the same earth.

Help one another, you can help that man in your neighborhood start up a business, you can help that lady about to drop out of school to graduate by paying her school fees without sleeping with her, by doing this you are giving them hope. If anyone does not help you my dear don’t give up, what it will take is a little time, and you will be on top, suicide is not the answer, you are worth more than that.

I have found out that committing suicide has started becoming a thing of the youth, hey! Someone gave birth to you, if the person committed suicide you wouldn’t have been giving birth to but because they stayed, you have to stay, there should be no reason for suicide, you are here on earth for a purpose which if not fulfilled now, it will be fulfilled soon. May God bless us all as we live to fulfill His purpose on earth. #STOP THE SUICIDE MISSION#

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