The Still Small Voice…

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I’m sure at some point in our lives we have all experienced a slight discomfort when something is not right about a particular situation or person, its called ‘instinct’ or gut feeling as it is popularly known. It is amazing how we ignore this ‘feeling’ and yet we wonder why that business deal didn’t go down as planned or how you managed to finish a certain amount of money kept aside for other things but kept in the wrong place. I am also guilty of ignoring my gut feeling and now I am so sure that if I had just listened and obeyed that voice, a lot would be different in my life. It applies to everything we do in life even in relationships with people. I love stories so I’ll give a personal example:

Late last year, I met a guy tall, cute, comfortable, church-going and very fun to be with. Infact he’s every lady’s dream guy. But even with all that, nothing seemed right with him. After a week of chatting and hanging out, I had a strong feeling not to take it any further but as usual I thought that was just my mind playing tricks on me. We were still on a month after and I had already made certain mistakes along the way and that feeling just got stronger by the day and I still didn’t listen until he began to show his true colors. Disrespect set in, our communication level reduced daily, he started avoiding my call(on my own credit o), e.t.c and I began to ask myself why I didn’t stop when I first had that gut feeling.


From this last experience, I learned to listen to my inner voice no matter the situation I find myself.
I do hope this story will inspire someone because we may not understand it now but instinct is very important in everything we set out to do. If you plan to go on a trip but your gut feeling says ‘not today’ please listen because you don’t know what you’re saving yourself from. I’m not a religious fanatic but when I hear that inner voice I call it, ‘the Holy Spirit at work’ because even in the Bible, God said he will send us helper and that is the Holy Spirit. The still small voice letting us know our rights and wrongs. Let us always respect that voice and not take it for granted at any time.

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