How to Start Home Delivery Business in Nigeria

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If you have the mind set of an entrepreneur whose objective is identifying an opportunity and building a business around it in order to make profit and meet social needs, then you a home delivery service is an option for you to explore.

Home delivery business is a small business almost everyone can start depending on the strategy at your disposal. Though a minimal start-up cost is required, you need to draft a comprehensive business plan and do a thorough research on what type of deliveries you want to venture into.


You can choose to make home delivery for grocery, food, gift, pizza, among others. This is a service geared towards meeting personal errands and must be customer friendly.

On close observation, the big players in home delivery business are Jumia, Konga, Yudala, among others are making wave and nothing stops you from succeeding in the business. Nigeria’s number one online retailer, Jumia, receives about 300,000 unique visitors daily. This shows how lucrative the business is if done in the right direction and appealing to Nigerians.

As a budding entrepreneur looking for a business to start, you could also consider a home delivery business. These are steps you need to take to start your home delivery business in Nigeria.

  1. Business plan and Start-up Capital

Home delivery business is not an expensive business to start-up; you can start with just 100,000 naira. You will also draft a business plan for managing and growing the business. On top of that, you will determine where your delivery boundaries will be, how much you will charge, cost of transportation and time.

A metropolitan area is best for this business to enable you keep track on your customers and reach them in time.

Determine where your delivery boundaries will be, and the amount you intend to charge. Consider the costs of your transportation, wages for dispatch riders, and communication strategy with product owners and the amount of time it will take you to get places.

  1. Create a business/brand name and logo

Jumia, Konga, Yudala, SME Markethub are the leading ecommerce companies in Nigeria today. These ecommerce retail companies have a brand and logo. In like manner, it is necessary that you have a nice business name and logo.

  1. Get a Company or Business Name

The next step is to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

  1. Hire capable hands

Your home delivery business involves a building a website, SMS code, a possible mobile application, emails, order confirmation and acceptance sms/emails, payment gateways and delivery fulfilment. You would need to hire staff in charge of logistics to handle ordering, payment and delivery logistics. Your staff should be given a nice look like branded shirts, jackets, helmets, among others.

  1. Payment Method

Your home delivery business should be open for all scheduled hours, and should be known on your website. The pricing rate for different products and different means of payment such as QuickTeller, cash payment, POS, depending on the customers’ choice. You must be able to accept credit and debit card payments, which is the usual method of paying for this business.

  1. Build a Nice Customer Care and collaborate with major product dealers  

Listen to your customers’ complain or requests in order to serve them better. Once you have decided what kind of products you intending doing home delivery for, you can meet major dealers and introduce your home delivery services to them. For instance, if you home delivery service is to delivery clothes, partner with PEP to develop a customer friendly app where customers can request for various clothes and your company would make delivery on their behalf.

  1. High Display of Competence and Integrity

One crucial aspect of the business is your ability to convince your customers to visit your website to make order for delivery and this is only possible when you display competence and integrity on your first delivery.

If you give them any reason to doubt your competence or the delivered products are not satisfactory, you are likely not going to get a repeat business from them. You must ensure that you do a perfect job (timely delivery and good products) that will make them long for service and also earn you referrals.

  1. Advertise your business

This is a competitive business and advertisement will go a long way to help in wading off competition.  You could place your advert online (social media), fliers, through newspapers. Another way to gain prospective customers is a nice business card, move around offices, organisations, to inform them about your home delivery business. The business card should be informative clearly stating the nature of services you provide. This will definitely invite prospective customers to patronize your delivery service.

  1. Draft up an expansion plan

There should be a good foresight for your home delivery business. Your business can exceed the four walls of your present location to others states when you provide good and quality services to your customers. Retail outlets like Jumia, Konga have extended their deliveries beyond Lagos state. The onus lies on you to continually think of how to do better than existing home delivery business in order to succeed in this business.

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