Signs of depression in Adolescents

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Depression In Teenagers

Depression In Teenagers

Adolescents with mental health problems are becoming more common. At present, American teenagers are suffering from depression at a given time of three percent, and are estimated to increase this surprising number. Here are a few things to look for.As any parent knows, young people may tend to mood. Your child or teenager for a very low visibility period is therefore a concern not necessarily. If several of the following symptoms occur or some few weeks seem very depressed, then the time may have come to see a doctor.


These are some signs of depression in teenagers:

  • Food and anorexia Denial saturation
  • Withdrawal from social activities and family
  • It takes a few weeks or a few months, persistent mood weakness.
  • Usually want to sleep more than usual
  • Loss of interest in past hobbies
  • Problems at school


All depressive teens showing all the symptoms mentioned above. In order to substantially avoid social situations and generally decrease the quality of school work, but the rest of the symptoms come and go, or you will never reveal.

Causes of Teenage depression

A depressed mood disorder young parents is the magnitude of increased drug abuse either aware of the risk incurred. Children are over the age of 13 are 50 percent more depressed when they do it to alcohol or drugs. There are two problems that need to be solved; you can treat the disease to be much more difficult.

Or attempted suicide – you know that suicide is rare in depressed people guarantee teenage mothers. Where there is usually a result of the driving action. A strong suicide desire more likely to commit to dying for children to help them, but they are much more likely than girls, and survival rates are high. Children are less likely to try to kill themselves, but to succeed, rather than attempting suicide.

If you are a difficult family life of any young depressed, but more likely, this may be the result of an alcoholic and violent father. Adolescents who are victims of violence often develop psychological problems. If a close relative of depression, they are more at risk for depression.

Family predisposition to mental illness increases risk in two ways: First, a genetic predisposition to a disease such as depression. But you will find at the same time to move in a vertical position for children to have a depressive parent a normal family. Would this prevent a father depressed patients from inserting a small child, problems can occur because young people equipped to meet their needs.

Treating teenage depression

Teen depressions are treated. The first step is the recognition that there is a problem. After that, the family doctor can provide help and advice on how to proceed. Many young people are able to treat depression and appropriate support.

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