He said you’re pretty…

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alled you pretty so what?

You want me to pity you but I won’t


You are much more than you see

He called you pretty, I call you queen

Does it mean you have to grovel and eat the shit under his feet?

So I call you rare gem, pride of a woman,

beauty unrivalled, yet you don’t succumb,

Or is it because he is a man and I a woman like you?

Then let me tell you fair lady

You are so much more than you see

Come, come let me wash the mud off your face and see what I see—beauty hidden behind rags

Come, let me wash the wounds he inflicted on you and behold what I see—perfection in the marred features

Beautiful oval face,High cheek bones ,Perfect chin,Dove eyes soft supple lips enough to tempt a priest to sin

I glimpse intelligence in those clear brown eyes
blanketed now with pain

I see the laugh lines around your mouth

diminishing for lack of a smile

You want to feel loved

You want someone to cherish you

No one would love you if you don’t love yourself

All woman for herself God for all of us

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