Religious Wars in our World today.

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In our world today,there are lots of killings instituted by the religious wars going on in every part of the world. Muslims against Christians everywhere. The main cause is the belief that they serve different Gods. The question is do you know who you serve? Many people believe when you go to the mosque and pray or when you go to the church to pray, you are serving God. Have your ever thought about what it takes to serve this God?

Is your faith strong enough, do you walk in his ways, do you follow his commandments and do his wills? I hear many people say when you practice this particular religion, you have a one way ticket to heaven. Don’t let no one fool you, your religion does not take you to heaven,your works do that.


This is the main reason why there are religious wars everywhere,everyone believes their religion is superior to that of the other person. Most parents even reject their children getting married based on this belief. The question is that is this God you are serving happy with the way you are killing one another and the answer is No because his commandment is “Love your Neighbour as yourself.” I employ you,please lets put a stop to this religious wars,love one another,care for one another,protect one another and make the world a peaceful place for everyone to live in and learn to practice your religion without criticizing your Neighbour for his/her religion. I am a victim of dis criticism and i let them know one thing, practice your religion and i would practice mine and at the end,we would know who served his/her God better.

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