The world is globally interconnected with people of different cultures, ‘views’ and ‘enlightenments’ but one thing is common in all corners of this planet and that is ‘love’.
Basically many claim to fall in love while others say they grow in love but many have forgotten one of the constant things that happens ‘during’ love.
It happens that when the feelings get slacked, the lady starts being afraid that the man doesn’t love her anymore, whereas she doesn’t know this ‘slackness’ is natural in every relationship no matter how ‘wonderful’ or ‘romantic’ it might have started.
Here are some reasons behind getting tired of ‘love’
(1) Trends
you certainly have come across stories that ended like ‘and they lived happily ever after’, haven’t you? Of course you had!
Now, with that mentality of ‘living happily ever after’, relationships can’t last long!
Have you ever tried to take a critical look at the rate by which divorce is rising?
It is based on the mentality ‘and they lived happily ever after!’
What in the world told you your spouse wouldn’t get on your nerves?
That mentality ‘and they lived happily ever after’ is a wrong mentality!
I’ve seen couples that got divorced just for a tooth paste ‘misunderstanding’.
The man said ‘hey lady, stop squeezing the paste from the middle’
The lady replied ‘that’s how we do it from where I came from and I can’t stop now’
They got infuriated when it happened constantly and called for a divorce, imagine!
They had failed to embrace their ‘similarities’ and ‘differences’ and that’s due to the mentality ‘and they lived happily ever after’

(2) Wedding thoughts and plans!
Wow, a lot of people would love a very big wedding ceremony but only few are ‘realistic’ about what comes ‘after’ weddings!
Ladies love a very colorful wedding ceremony and can go to peaks just to make it colorful!
Believe it or not, this mentality can cause anyone to ‘tired’ of love.
If you took your time out to ask young ladies why they love weddings, you’ll receive replies like, ‘for the cake’, ‘for the wedding gown’, ‘admirations’.
Most, aren’t realistic with the facts behind it.


(3) SEX
Many believe love is based on ‘sex’ and ‘sex’ only, hey, look here, that’s a wrong mentality totally! LOVE IS NOT ALL ABOUT SEX.
Let’s take for instance a man with a ‘sexual’ stamina of 45 minutes and a lady with a ‘sexual’ stamina of 11 minutes!
How in the world do you think that lady wouldn’t call the man a dog?
With that ‘disapproval’ from her which triggers his ‘dissatisfaction’, he tends to go out to other ladies with the same ‘stamina’
then she discovers he’s cheating.
Would that make love stronger?
Absolutely not!

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