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Almost everyone wants an ever after story, you know? Grow old with a person and all but in today’s world that is more of a fantasy than a reality. Something I read somewhere said; “that the difference between then and now is that when couples had a problem, they fixed it, now when they do, they throw it away”, I paraphrased there. But know this, love hasn’t existed since sex and money became free.
Now people now confuse infatuation with love, it is hard to even tell the difference, because it feels the same, simply because we have forgotten what love is.
The standards for love and life has dropped so much in this morally decadent society of ours, that people settle for anything, so as to stop wagging tongues or simply just because it is what is the trend.
People marry these days not because they are ready but because their friends are getting married and so they must too. Our parents forget that they bought cars for as low as #500 and life was way easier and more straight forward than the skewered reality we exist in today; so after they attend the weddings of the children of their friends, they have that “when are you bringing a boy/girl home for us?” with you.

That one is old isn’t a determinant for marriage, one can be 100 years and still not be mentally ready for marriage.


There is a dire need to discard this notion that marriage as some sort of social status. One can gather all the degrees in the world in the African society, but as long as you are not Mrs/Mr Somebody, you are not complete. Something is missing.
Under pressure from society, our parents, our friends and even ourselves, we go out and settle for whoever is as desperate as us to get married. Then 2 months down the line, you find out he/she snores in his/her sleep, cannot cook, is too selfish, is not clean, is too lazy, is not prayerful etc.
The truth is, life is a race but it is not against anyone but yourself. Slow your row, take your time, let things fall into place.

The way marriages are packing up left, right and centre, one starts to wonder why all the fuss is made about something so many take for granted but like someone said we should not look at marriage through a periscope, there are a million marriage striving beyond the glassy circle.

Marriage is not a wedding, it is not all fun and merry making, some times you laugh, some times you cry, find someone who you can do both with and still be truly happy.
That is romance.
Flying first class and drinking champagne is just an illusion of romance.

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