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Often when things are OK and seem normal, we feel we’re better off those who still struggle or are making effort for good living.

I have come to understand one thing; our two hands are important though the right seem stronger and powerful than the left for most people or vice versa, the right hand gets weary when overworked and need the left for support.


But its not same with humans. When we feel ‘strong’ (OK) than others, we think we are far better than others, so loved by God than others and we count the gap we’ve left them behind.

God loves everyone equally no matter what they go through( even though He said, I will show mercy to whom i will …) and has made us happy and successful to help others as they will in turn give us help.

Don’t feel you’re there and that’s all. The same rain falls on everyone’s roof and its sent by the same God.

Give help( finance, kindness, advice etc) to as many as you can.

When you wakeup, walk around, drive through etc look around and give that help to someone that needs it urgently. You’re created to affect or impact lives positively.

God raised you to raise someone.

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