The power of decision and action in the success equation

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Two marketers went to the community to market foot wears, after trekking for a very long distance to the community at their arrival they were very disappointed to discover that no one put on shoes in the community. Discouraged by this they thought of returning to the city but one of them suggested they convince the natives into buying their  shoes but the other laughed and left not buying the idea. The one with the suggestion then started the approach by offering the natives his shoes to try on then asked them to step on stone and sharp objects which they did he asked “how does it feel” the reply was positive “great the responded” He gather them and told them those shoes can be theirs if they need them, he made good sales thereafter.

A lot of us when face with situations like this only pray but make no decision to approach the situation. Prayer is needed but then let us note this PRAYER IS IN THE REVELATION EQUATION when that revelation is gotten what next do you do? Decision  making is in the success equation, you have to make decision and be sound, you got to be discipline and go and get what God wants you to get. Success is about possessing an understanding on how things work.


Every one is hungry but how many people make the decision of going for a hunt, how many backs that decision with action, how many get discourage on the journey and how many finally make it to the hunt and back with results? The truth Only a few go hunting no wonder the world is run by a few powerful people. I remember at exactly 12 am January 1 2017, we all shouted happy new year with excitements and great dreams and visions in our minds, dreams to change the world and make it a better place, dreams to impact lives, pause and ask yourself what has happened to those great dreams you envisaged. The last time i checked, the time was still and still  ticking waiting for no one, dates are changing, months changed. The world is making progress but the big question is what has changed in you. Dream on its own will always remain a burden  until it is back with a decision and an action to actualise it. Be a hunter, do not wait to it of the hunters meat. Every hunter you eat from owns and control your time and whoever controls your time owns you. You will never live about the informations expose to you. That bigness in you had waited for too long it is time to arise and be the real you by making a decision that will be back by an action today

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