Why do people commit suicide?

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Why do people commit suicide?
This is a question that is frequently asked among people both young and old.
In the first place, what does it mean when we hear that a person committed suicide? It refers to a particular instance of a person intentionally killing himself or herself. Suicide is not limited to age or gender. We have cases of very young boys and girls who commit suicide and there are also cases of old people who also commit suicide.
What pushed me to write this article was the case of an old friend who was a student of Lautech who was in his final year (500level) who committed suicide ooin his hostel. The incident was a shock to everyone because he was reported to have shown no signs of depression.
Different factors can lead to the act of taking one’s life intentionally such as mental disorders which includes Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Substance abuse such as cocaine, marijuana and so on. Other factors include financial difficulties for example different reports claim that suicide rates have increased in Nigeria since our economy entered recession, also having a troubled relationship can lead to suicide or when a person suffers constantly from bullying.
A person who has the tendency to commit suicide in most cases may not ask for help but that does not mean that the person does not need help.
Most people who attempt suicide must have given a warning or clues therefore the first way to prevent suicide is to recognize the warning signs and take them seriously. Signs such as when a person all of a sudden starts keeping to him or herself or makes certain statements such as “you will miss me when am gone”, even if the person makes the statement jokingly, the person should be taken seriously. In other words most people who commit suicide do not wake up one morning and then decide to take their life, they must have shown previous signs.
Death is not an easy thing, people do not commit suicide for the fun of it, suicide is a desperate attempt to escape pain, suffering and so on.
Suicide can be prevented by first of all identifying the warning signs, secondly limiting that particular person’s access to things that could aid their attempts to commit suicide such as firearms, poison, pesticide and so on and people suffering from mental disorder should be monitored closely and given the required treatment.
Lastly if you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, please find someone to talk to before it is too late.

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