On My Own At Will

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On my own at will
A will of deserted ambitions. Am I to blame my endless Thoughts or should I applaud my determination?
On my own with lost dreams.
Dreams I had while awake, dreams I discarded while asleep
On my own starving from food for thoughts. A food I do not know it’s recipe.
If I could take back the hands of time, I would have been head chef in the restaurant of knowledge.
On my own without fears.
I know the mistakes I made, the avoidable ones.
But was it not in my bid to avoid the wrong path that I followed the dangerous path?
Have I learnt my lessons about destiny. Or am I still oblivious of the truth?
The truth that I choose the wrong destination. The truth that I am yet to find my destiny. The truth that my endless Thoughts are deceiving. The truth that isolating my self from the world sent my thoughts to exile and soon my dreams may go into extinction.

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