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Marriage is a department in an institution that can never graduate you till eternity, even if you divorce to re-marry, you will still enter the same department called “marriage”. Your sponsor or the vice chancellor in this institution is God, you both (you and your spouse) are students, in this department there are too many quiz to write and too many assignments to submit. Let’s be realistic.


Below are the Course Titles in this department called “marriage” the courses need to be in place before you say I do:

  1. LOVE: This is the most important course that has the highest credit load in this department; don’t undermine the power of this course, without it you will drop out of the institution with a poor result to present to your sponsor (God)
  2. MATURITY: This is a major course in the department called “marriage”, without this the institution will not be convenient enough to accommodate the husband and the wife, in this course the man knows his responsibilities likewise the woman. You don’t expect your wife to feed you and feed the children, she is a help mate not a bread winner or the burden bearer, even if she earns more salary than you she should know her boundary and responsibility.

That does not mean that you as a wife should allow the world to see your nakedness because you earn more than your husband or because of one thing or the other your husband couldn’t meet up to his duty as the man of the house, NO!, there are better ways to do things maturely, don’t hit the harmer on the nail by getting a loud speaker to announce your responsibilities as the man and woman of the house, hey! There is no award for that instead your grades are going down which will earn you a carry over.

  1. UNDERSTANDING: This is the most important course in this department called “marriage”, if you lack understanding in your union my dear you are done for, there are things a woman will do to a man but in other to maintain peace in the home you ignore, vice-versa. You don’t really know who you are married to even though you both have been together for a long time, understanding is not measured by age, height, appearance or educational level, you see it only in the word itself “un-der-stan-ding”

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