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4. ENDURANCE: Like I pointed out in the previous course UNDERSTANDING, there are issues that does not need to leave your room (when I say your room I mean the spouse, you are now ONE remember), when endurance lack in this department called “marriage” you are bound to have a carry over, and it will pull down your grade drastically, lack of endurance gives way to fighting, cursing, separation and sometimes it leads to death, are you surprised that I mentioned death? Yes, sometimes it leads to death.


5. UNITY: I know that someone may be asking a question why unity has to come in again when love has been listed, yes, love and unity is not the same thing but love brings about unity, hey! There can be love in a home without unity, how?

When there is love in a home, there should be feelings, attraction, devotion, weakness (don’t misunderstand me), and passion for each other which should circulate to the children but when there is disunity in the home, the wife goes about it her own way, the husband does the same, imagine a home where the husband and wife worship in different churches (am not trying to bring in religion but to point out something), also imagine a home. Unity creates a bond in a home that makes it possible for issues to be settled in the home not outside the home or in your wife’s or husband’s parent’s place, the home should be a home not a house, if the home turns to a house it affects the children, thereby giving them a wrong foundation, Unity brings trust and trust is very essential in the home.

6. SEX: Why is this person talking about sex in marriage, everyone knows that it’s the bedrock, sorry dear, it’s not! Sex in marriage is important and biblical but it is sometimes abused, married ones see sex outside marriage as fun because they think that they are not loosing anything, hey! Mister shut up and zip up, hey! Woman, close your legs. What happened to self control? The devil caused it, did the evil remove your trouser? Did the devil also spread your legs himself? We all know that NO is the answer, unfaithfulness in marriage is now seen as a common thing everyone must do, my husband is no longer satisfying me, my wife is dull in bed, I married a weak woman/man, he doesn’t go more than 2 rounds, he is not big down there, she is too wide for me (as if am the one that widened it), stop! It’s disgusting!!

When a man follows the direction of his erection, he looses concentration and ends up in the right direction, let me also use this medium to sound it to the singles also, there is not medal for those who has the highest number of sex partners instead you are scattering your tomorrow. Sex as an important course in this department “marriage” must be seen as an ordained gift God gave to the married ones for them to explore to the fullest that is why it’s called fornication for the unmarried and adultery for the married, stop this mentality, it has not helped you and it wouldn’t help you even in the future. May God help us, Amen.

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