The New Era Episode 5

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Dr Michael and Ngozi had been delayed on their way to the hospital by some policemen.
By the time Dr Michael brought Ngozi in, she was feeling faint, as though all her energy has been drained. She could hardly move a muscle. She was immediately wheeled to the delivery room by the nurses on duty without asking any question. The doctor on duty was sent for, and the fellow came running when he heard that the patient was brought in by Dr Michael.
Dr Michael was pacing outside the delivery room, praying to God that he hadn’t been too late. He silently cursed the policemen who delayed them. Just then Dr Tosin, the doctor on duty, came out.
“Sir, the woman you brought in is too weak to deliver the baby herself, we’ll need to perform a cartesian section,and as the rule her husband or relative needs to sign.” He explained.
“Go ahead with the operation I’ll see to the form.” Dr Michael replied

The Big Treat is always packed at this time of the day for many workers from the nearby industry will be on break and come over to have a chow.
Halimat was seated at part close to the bar, snacking on her pie, while Mandy chat away. Her mind was on her exam result, she knew she didn’t do well so she dread failure. “My mom will freak out if I fail, I must pass.” She said to herself.
Mandy discovered she wasn’t listening when she failed to answer her question. “A penny for your thought.” She said when she snapped her fingers to get her attention.
“Are you thinking about the stud again?” She asked.
“That’s the last on my mind, I’m more concerned about the result.”
“Hmmm! You are thinking about him indirectly, bad result means no UNIDAB, no UNIDAB means no Stephen. That’s Mandeville’s Theory.”
“Mandy!!!, you are too concerned about boys.”
“Speaking of boys, what about Thompson? How are will you break-up with him cause the Tom I know is gonna make a fuss of it.”
“Did someone just mention the name of the prince of the city?” said a lanky guy with dreadlocks. He wore a designer shirt and trousers with expensive necklace and wristwatch. His appearance screams money.
“Thompson, what are you doing here?” A surprised Mandy asked.
“My pop-man is the new owner of this eatery, making me the future owner. Did you get that into your brainless skull, sweetheart.” He said as he sat down and lit a cigarette.
“Dude, you are smoking in public and this is a cafeteria not a pub.” Halimat lamented.
‘Hold it babe, I am the future owner of this place and all my father’s properties as soon as he kick the bucket, so I can do whatever I want.”
“You keep counting your chicken before they are hatched. Tom, you need to focus on making your own empire instead of hoping to inherit the old man’s wealth.”
“Tell me what is the need to work when the my pop-man has already toil hard for it. Back to an important issue, Halimat, when is the result for your post-ume coming out.”
“It’s out already, but I haven’t checked yet?”
“Why? Cause you know you’ll fail like I did?”
“I know I didn’t do to well, but I won’t fail because I’m not a lost cause like you, Tom.”
Thompson turned red at her remark, bangs his fist on the table looks at Halimat with fury, snaps his finger at her and walked out of the eatery

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