The New Era Episode 4

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The New Era
Halimat was listening to music on her ipod when her cell phone buzzed. She looked at it, it was a call from a number that wasn’t in her contact.
“Hello,good afternoon.” She said when she picked up.
“Hello, please am I speaking to Halimat?” asked the voice over the line.
“Yes, it is. Who am I speaking with?”
“Its Stephen, the guy you gave your number in UNIDAB exam hall.”

“Oh! Stephen! I thought you would never call. Since I haven’t seen your call, I assume you have forgot about me. How are you doing?” She said animatedly.
“I’m well, how about you. I haven’t a phone that’s why you haven’t seen my call. I’m calling with a friend’s phone now.”
“Oh! I see. Well I’m glad you finally called.”
“I just want to ask if you have checked your result, I was told it came out yesterday evening”
“Wow! That’s fast. Its just 4 days ago”
“That’s UNIDAB for you, girl”
“I didn’t have data on my phone but I will check it before the day runs out. Have you checked yours?”
“Not yet, I will tomorrow”


“I will call you tomorrow to tell you about mine, can I call you on this number?”
“Sure, same time tomorrow”
“Okay, thanks for the information.”
“What are friends for.”
“Talk to you later then.”
“Bye, have a great day.”
The dial tone signalled the end of the call and Halimat sighed. She was mixed with emotions, glad to hear Stephen’s voice and afraid of the exam result.
She sent a whatsapp message to her friend.
“Hey, Mandy, I have a gist for you”
“Fire on!”
“Mr. Genius just called”
“Hmmm! Ur crush?”
“What did he say”
“Let’s meet up this evening”
“How about the cafeteria @ 5”
“Sounds good”
She dropped her phone and resume the music on her ipod.
Dr Michael was stopped halfway to the hospital by some policemen at checkpoint.
“Mr man, where is your vehicle’s particulars”
Said one haggard looking officer with deep tribal marks.
“Please, i’m a doctor, I need to get this woman to the hospital. Its an emergency.” The doctor
said as he hand them over to him.
“wetin be our own with emergency, abeg wetin dey your booth.” Said another officer whose mouth stank of alcohol.
“It’s my med-kit box, wheel spanner, warning sign and my car jack”
“come open am, make we see”
“But I told you this woman in the back seat needs emergency medical attention”
“Are you the one to teach us our job. My friend, open the booth.” Said the officer with tribal mark.
Just then, Ngozi felt another jolt in her back, she feels like her entire body is in pain, every inch of her body aches. This makes her wail like a banshee.
In another part of the world, James Peters was feeling light-headed as the meeting he was in is taking longer than he planned. He checked his watch again and it reads 0832h. Its been hours since he has talked to his wife.
He felt elated when the meeting was eventually
adjourned. He is the first to leave the room, he is already dialling her number as he steps out. It rang continuously till it went to her voice mail.
He tried again and got the same result, he became restless.
“The time should be 1435h at home, what could she be doing that keeps her from picking up.
God please don’t let anything bad happen to her.” He said in a silent prayer.
He was cut short of his soliloquy by his mates who came to congratulate him. He shook them and managed to fake a smile as he pose for photographs before heading to the lounge for merriment.

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