The New Era Episode 3

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Stephen went for Post-UME at UNIDAB

Sandra had left for her mother’s house due her fiance’s infidelity.


Stephen arrived at the examination hall and was taken aback by the number of people in there. The hall he was assigned to housed 2,000 aspirants.
He searched for the seat with his number and found it occupied by a beautiful petit girl.
“Excuse me, can you please move to the side cause you are seated on the seat with my number” He said softly.
“Oh! sorry i only sat on it because its vacant” she apologized with a smile that can melt ice before moving to the next seat.
Its okay. I’ll probably do the same as well. By the way, my name is Stephen.” He said extending a hand to her.
“I’m Halimat” She replied with a smile that can melt ice before shaking him.
“So Stephen have you been here before?”
“Uhm yeah! I’ve been here a couple of times. I was here to represent my school in a essay competition and I did my JAMB exam here.” He replied.
“Oh! You must be a genius then for only grand finale of competition are held in UNIDAB and an essay final that’s no small thing boy.” She said animatedly.
“Come off it, I’m just like everyone in this hall.”
“You are very humble I must say”
The static sound from the surrounding speakers brought an abrupt end to their conversation and their attention turned to its source. A short robust man with beer belly and bald head blew air into the microphone before announcing that the exam is about to begin.
Halimat wrote her phone number on one of Stephen’s book before leaving to search for her own seat.
The clock beside her bed says 2:03 A.M but Ngozi was awake. She was alone as she toss on her bed because her husband is away on a business trip. Her uterine contractions is what kept her awake.
Her pregnancy wasn’t due till the next two months. She thought the contractions would subsidise after a few tug but it doesn’t seems to relent after 2hrs. Ngozi picked up her phone and dialled her neighbour who is a doctor’s number.
“Hello, please come downstairs to our apartment. I think its time.” She said in a feeble voice.
“I’ll be down in a moment.” The doctor replied.
Just then her water broke, she stifle a cry as an excruciating pain ran through her spine. The arrival of the doctor help her relax a bit.
“Stay calm, Mrs Peters, it will be okay.” He assured her. “I need you to try to get out of the bed. Do you think you can do that.”
Ngozi only nodded feeling too numb to speak.
“I need to get you to the hospital now.” He said as he manoeuvre her out of the house and into his car before speeding off towards the hospital.
The buzz of the doorbell woke Sandra from her slumber. Knowing her mom wouldn’t be home at this time of the day, she crept out of her bed and head towards the door.
She opened the door to see a haggard looking Wale at her doorstep. His hair is unkempt and its obvious he hasn’t shaved his beard in days. The moment he saw her, he went on his knees and started weeping.
“Please Sandra, I’m very sorry,I didn’t know what came over me. It was Cynthia that seduced me, I would never defy you. I knew I was weak to fall for her seduction. Please forgive me Sandra.”
“I’ve searched for you everywhere since the incident, I’ve checked on you here a couple of times but your mother said you aren’t here. I’m very sorry, Sandz for what I let you go through.”
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