The New Era Episode 2

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Sandra had went to the beach to grieve over her cheating fiance and ends up receiving a bouqet of flowers.”Wipe your tears…..Someone still cares alot about you, Sandy”

Sandra wondered who the person could be.”I don’t need anyone else in my life now” She said to herself.”Admirer or no Admirer, its all tricks. Once they get what they wanted from you, you become worthless to them”
She threw the bunch to a side and fetch her phone from her purse. Scrolled the contacts to ‘MY MUM’ and dialled.
“Hello Mum, how are you doing?”
“Yeah, I’m fine”
“I-uhm-i’m wondering if i could stay at your place for a few days”
“I can’t explain on phone, but i would tell you when i arrive”
“Would be there in 30 minutes”She ended the call, stood up, re-apply her make-up and sashayed toward the roadside.


“Wale isn’t worthy of my tears truly, maybe Silent Admirer is right, whoever he is”
She went to the taxi rank and took a cab.She gave the driver the address of her mother’s house and he sped off.
A man who has been watching her from a distance ensure the taxi leave before leaving his hiding spot.”That’s the first, Sandy. There’re still more to come till you agree to be mine”
He got into his car and hit the asphalt in opposite direction******
It was raining heavily but the downpour doesn’t stop troops of aspirant from storming the campus of UNIDAB. Over 30,000 aspirant came for the school’s POST-UME. Some of which had travelled from different part of the country to Dabele just for this exam.Students whose parents brought in car were driving into the school while those who were on foot stood in cluster in shelter away from the rain.When the rain has altered into a drizzle, Stephen stepped out of his refuge spot.Dressed in a white shirt and trouser that seems to have seen better days, he moved determinedly toward the school gate. He knows his fate depend on this exam because the scholarship he won will be valid only if he got admitted into a tertiary institution.His mother has sold most of her belongings to pay for the exam, thus, increasing the reason he must pass.
“Your strength lies within your faith, your weakness within your fear. Build your faith and squash your fear.” He said his mother favourite mantra as he proceed to the examination hall.

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