(Must Read) if you want to be successful in Nigeria, you need to read this

(Must Read) if you want to be successful in Nigeria, you need to read this

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(Must Read) if you want to be successful in Nigeria, you need to read this

(Must Read) if you want to be successful in Nigeria, you need to read this

Hello, Chief Jack of all Trades, master of zero. Na every hustle dey interest you. Its not even up to a month that you started your current business and you are ready to close shop again because you hear that iTunes Gift Card trading is the latest money making venture in town. You didn’t even know what iTunes was until January of……..2017!


Ogbeni Olojukokoro! Yesterday, it breezed into your ears how much your neighbor is making from his Real estate business, suddenly you realize that selling houses has always been your dream. Hmm, Why you too dey lie…..na di money just dey chuk you for eye!

As you dey jump comot keke napep, naso you dey fly enter danfo. You carry bike from Agege to Ikeja, just so you don’t miss your interview for the Chef job you applied for last week -Oh, so cooking is your calling now abi?

Na noodles you say you wan boil di last time wey you nearly burn down di whole house o. Oniyeye ponbele ni e! ( You are a pure jester -this is the nearest accurate English translation I could find)

You want to do this, you also want to try that. You want to go from Accra to Lagos in a flash. My dear you for take life eazi o!

Make your mata nor be like dat yeye man for House A, wey dey cook di last cup of rice wey he get, kon leave am dey chase after aroma wey dey blow come from house Q. Before he reach dia, dem don chop finish, before he go run back reach house, di rice wey he put for fire don turn burnt offering. Is OYO not his case?

You dash around so much that you have completely lost touch with what your interest really is, your true passion!. You keep sailing far from your purpose as a result of this unguarded passion for money.

Owonikoko is your watchword. It’s high time you had a sit down with yourself, and talk some sanity into that calabash head, before dis restlessness push you enta market. No enta market o! Na beg I dey beg.

Make your eyes even dey one place for once. See one thing through before hopping into another. Ojukokoro (covetousness) is not good for your health, it kills faster than cancer. Di same business wey Mr Agbabiaka do, wey profit am, Mr Salako fit try am make e enta gbese o!. No be every hustle be your hustle.

Don’t spend your entire life chasing after other people’s dreams. Its time to start dreaming some of your own, and not just dream but also give yourself to bringing them to reality.

If the motive behind your pursuit of an endeavor is misplaced or superficial, there’s no way you’d be able to keep up the level of zeal and commitment it would require to see it through.

In conclusion, I implore you to be sincere with yourself. Follow your heart. Be decisive. Be patient. Be contented. Keep polishing, you will eventually shine!.

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