Man’s Environment: how you can exploit your terrible environment to succeed greatly

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We all know that a man cannot rise above his environment. But it is the environment one create that turns around to define the future of one desires.
The environment is not necessarily the physical boundary, but it is also the situations or circumstances challenging personal happiness(aspiration and goals).
The type of environment you create for yourself will determine how far you can go in achieving your dream or become a huge barrier hindering your success.
The situation we find ourselves in is a very terrible environment that doesn’t cater for the weak and less priviledge; even the non-disabled are struggling to survive. So, how can we now exploit our environment to work for us, irrespective of how terrible it is.
Below are some tips that can help mitigate terrible environment.
A willing heart according to Abraham Lincoln “Nothing is in this world is impossible to a willing heart.” A willing heart is the first positive step needed to be taken for the tips below to work efficiently.
The tips are as follows:












An individual that wants to exploit the terrible environment must be self-resolved and have confidence in him/herself and believe in the dream of becoming something great irrespective of the environmental condition. Zig Ziglar once said, “Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”









Ignorance is very dangerous to an individual and the society. An individual must banish ignorance and the only way to banish ignorance is to cultivate the habit of critical reading.



If your situation is creating a threat to your dream or is posing a barrier to achieving your goal, the only way to solve that is to build a virtual environment for yourself that will work for the kind of dream you have. Some steps to adopt in creating a virtual environment is,
i. Imbibe civilized world’s attitude and mindsets.
ii. Subscribe to international prints and news media, such as the Guardian, Fox, Aljazeera
iii. Find a mentor.
Knowing is not enough we must apply the knowledge instilled in us to achieve great success.

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