Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 4)

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The soldiers on seeing their Queen had been wounded, launched an attack at the commander’s order. Eventually, Amina got the better side of the fight with a directionless blow that eventually fell on the maiden’s face. The Queen held her on the ground. Aisha was now currently in a state of daze. The soldiers marched closer. The maiden, on the ground, began to mutter words Amina could not understand. But Amina did not care. Suddenly, one soldier, without reasons, struck his fellow soldier with a sword and killed him as he rode on his horse. The dead man fell and was dragged on the ground by his horse like a bag of dirt strapped to the back of a toddler running around aimlessly. He had somehow, strapped his left leg to the saddle on his horse. Some of the soldiers had this culture too. That decision was now suffered by this man’s dead body and the horse ran out of the midst of the marching soldiers and aimlessly into the nearby bush dragging the cadaver behind it. A fight began in the midst of the soldiers. Aisha had enchanted them and caused them to fight themselves. Amina looked at her soldiers fighting and killing themselves and the maiden took advantage of this distraction and pressed the place she had Amina wounded. The queen screamed out in pain. She moderately released her grip on the maiden’s neck. The Maiden then nodded Amina on the face and she fell off on her right side. The maiden staggered up. Amina did too, but with more strength and willpower. After quickly picking up a sword, Amina rushed to Aisha and stabbed her in the middle of her chest. It penetrated the chest and came out through her back. The girl gasped. Knowing she was going to die, she hugged Amina tightly and transformed into a mermaid. Her hair taking a shiny silver color, but part of it was stained with blood that gushed from the point in her back the sword had busted out from. Then she leaped with Amina into the water, swimming very fast to the middle of the river holding the queen tight.
The end was never really known. Neither the body of the maiden was found nor that of Amina. It surely was the last day she was ever seen, but since she never came out of the water, she was only assumed dead.
The fighting between the Zauzzau soldiers stopped. On the ground, was shewn the bodies of dead and dying soldiers, including the commander, his arm severed from his body. He was dead, but his eyes were still open. Out of confusion, awe and fright they began to question each other trying to understand that particular event. There was murmuring and cries in the midst of mighty men. They were terrified. Some of them cried as they saw the bodies of their dear friends lifeless on the ground. One young soldier named Ballah, gave out a sound that silenced the murmuring soldiers and had them comported. They followed his command thereafter. They buried the bodies of the dead soldiers in a mass grave near the river and rode off.
On getting back to their camp to inform the high officers there about what happened by the river side, they discovered that the remaining Idah indigenes had taken advantage of the absence of both the Queen and a larger portion of the Zauzzau army and rebelled there too. They found that many people died and the slaves escaped. So, they gathered all they had left and went back to Zauzzau.

The end…

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