Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 4)

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Ojono, was still standing. He had survived the fight and was standing in a distance from Amina who wept over the death of both of her best friends. The commander of her army stood by her and touched the left side of her shoulder with his right hand. Ojono began walking towards her to be her comfort. Then someone riding on a horse rode through the sobered Zauzzau army towards Ojono and cuts off his head as he turned to look at the rider. A hundred men and more had died that night, but this one was most unexpected and especially irksome to the Queen. Then the rider stopped, removing her veil to uncovered her face and revealed herself to be Aisha, the Queen’s newest maid. Everyone looked in awe and couldn’t move, then she stared into Amina’s eyes. Amina now recognized her from three years back. She smiled and began to ride away. Immediately, Amina mounted a horse and began to chase after her and her army followed. She could have outrun them and escaped, but she sometimes slowed down so the pursuers could catch up. She finally stopped by the river side, came down from her horse and slowly walked towards the river. The queen arrived, came down from her horse and drew out her sword. Then she walked towards the maiden. She was set to fight. The army as they reached where she and Amina stood, then the commander made a signal that they all should all stop. They stopped and they all watched Amina draw closer to the river girl. Amina drew close enough and the girl spoke,
“In this river you ordered I should thrown… Do you remember me, from Jauri!? You killed my love and destroyed my life!”
“I remember you…” Amina replied, bitterly.
“I know… And this is where you will meet your end…” Aisha said with a smiling face.
The Queen dashed forward towards her with the intent of cutting her with a sword. As she made the run towards the maiden, she let out a screech and all her bitterness at this time could be tasted from the sound of the screech. The maiden dodged the blow and suddenly vanished. Not even the soldiers who were watching from the distance saw where she went. She had just disappeared into thin air.
Amina kept calling on her to come out, giving the maiden a challenge.
She appeared in front of one of the soldiers and enchanted him, commanding him to attack the Queen. The soldier charged at the queen on his horse and attempted to deal a blow to her face with his sword, but she dodged and he turned and charged again, this time she cut the left foreleg of the horse, and the animal summersaulted with the soldier on its back breaking the soldiers neck and killing him. She didn’t intend for him to die.
The maiden then appeared again, smiling and picked up the soldier’s sword. With it she attacked the queen and they both fought. The maiden hit Amina successfully and wounded the queen on her left side, just below her ribs. The Queen knelt down in pain as blood trickled down her body from the point of the wound. Amina picked herself up again and dived at the enemy and their swords fell on the ground. They wrestled on the wet ground of the riverside with their hands. They rubbed themselves in mud and each one struggled to bring victory to herself. There and then, they rained on each other various horrible fighting tools such as slaps and blows, fingering of their faces, scratching of body surfaces and biting of whichever part of the enemy the mouth could reach. As well as other techniques used in a typical weaponless girl-fight. The sight of the two fighting was like that of ten wild dogs fighting over a strap of meat.

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