Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 4)

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Last days of Queen Amins

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Last Days Of Queen Amina


The fall of the mighty Queen

By Davi’O R. Seki.

* * *

Chapter 4

* * *

It was not until they had reached the hill and could sight Idah that the resistance noticed they had escaped. It was now dark and the five were close to where Amina had her camp. The Idah soldiers were charging behind them and shot arrows at them. They ran faster.
The Zauzzau army at camp noticed this. They put on their battle form and charged at commander’s order. The five ran at the middle, Auta began to get tired but was urged to pull more strength by Ojono. Tanko looked up and saw the full moon, but was then struck by an arrow from behind that went through his chest. Suddenly, he became free from Amina’s charm. He fell on the ground. This charm had prevented him from seeing this in his sleep so he could not warn the Queen. She had charmed the commander too when she first met Amina to immediately make him fond of her. Tanko was the only one who could save Amina from her plot — since Tanko could see the future in his sleep. The river queen had warned Aisha of Tanko’s gifts, giving instructions to have her block him from seeing anything. But such spells do not work on dying persons. As Tanko laid dying, Auta saw him on the ground and screamed. He ran back to where Tanko had fallen and had him reclined in a supine position — Tanko had fallen facedown. Auta cried beside the dying Tanko, not caring about the current situating of the environment. When Amina turned to see this, her fury grew. The commander came closer and threw a sword to Amina and provided her with her horse that they had been leading with the army. Ojono was armed too and was ready to fight the rest of the Idah army. Aisha had suddenly disappeared, but no one cared. Tanko heard and saw Auta cry as he laid there, but could not say anything to him. Then an arrow went through Auta’s head, killing him instantly. The only thing Tanko could now see was the moon and just then the vision of how the whole event was to happen. Amina’s imminent end was revealed to him, and then he died.
Seeing her friends die, Amina charged even further and not long after, the two sides clashed. The battle was no longer about conquering, but revenge from both sides. Ojono fought in memory of his Father, Amina fought in memory of her friends and the Commander of the Idah army were outnumbered, but they fought anyway in memory of their Attah who Amina had killed, the Bahaushe men just fought with their queen. There in the battle field, one man’s face was torn with a sword. Another’s skull was split open with a club, and another had a sword run into his mouth and coming out through the other side. However, the heat of the battle began to die down and the Idah soldiers were soon under defeat and their very last man was killed.

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