Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 3)

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She didn’t seem to notice him. Amina’s Idah lover walked up to him and saw him watching the girl and said,
“I think she would be a good replacement for the one you told me you lost…” he suggested to Tanko in his deep voice, looking at her as well. He spoke in Yoruba language.
Tanko did not say anything nor blink an eyelid, he just kept staring.
The Idah man continued,
“I see she charms you so much… Tell the Queen you want to marry her, she would give her to you.”
Tanko was fluent in Yoruba, which he had learnt years earlier and the man from Idah knew Yoruba as well, this was why Amina had suggested Tanko be his language teacher, while Auta would teach him their culture, since he must have learnt a lot about the palace management from his father. Tanko said no words to what the man suggested. The man was now smiling at Tanko, who now broke his pose, turned to the Idah man and said,
“Your session with Auta should begin soon, let’s go to him”.
He spoke and began to move against the direction of the maid and towards where Auta would be. The Idah man followed behind him.
Auta saw them coming and he was not frantic at all seeing this Idah man. He had felt a lot more comfortable after their first session — the man learnt fast. He was, in fact, impressed, and he liked the sound of the man’s name — Ojono. The session began, and Tanko translated when he needed to, but was solemn all through the program. Auta noticed.
After the session, Auta showed his concern towards Tanko’s solemn attitude. Early in the morning of that day, he looked like the happiest thing on earth. Meanwhile, Tanko was only pondering at the advice of the Idah man. And then he suddenly decided in his head that he would marry the new maid. He gave a shrug and said,
“… I want to marry the new maid”,
Auta smiled and said,
“No wonder… you just will not let good beauty pass you by, will you?”
“Uhm… No”
“But you should know. Ahmed, the second in command of the army has his eyes on her too. You should tell Amina before it is too late. Your status will give you an edge over him.”
“I will go tell the Queen I intend to marry her maid… There’s no pride lost in this, is there? Would you come with me?”
“No… No pride lost in matters of marriage.” Auta responded, paused for a moment and agreed to go with him.
They went over to the Queen’s tent, but she wasn’t there. Tanko asked the guards of her whereabouts. They told him the Queen wanted to have a private time with her partner. He insisted they must see the Queen for an important matter. Then the guards pointed at the direction to which she went with the Idah man. Auta and Tanko rode their horses on that path. They found Amina and the man sitting on a hill top, having a bed eye view of the area. Amina’s head rested on his chest and the fingers on her left hand caressed his chin. She was much older than him, and yet looked much more vulnerable. No one would have thought the mighty queen would become humble to a man — at least not one who was this much younger. She noticed Tanko and Auta ride up the hill. She moved her head from his chest. When they got to where she was, she said to them,

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