Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 3)

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Last days of Queen Amins

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Last Days Of Queen Amina


The fall of the mighty Queen

By Davi’O R. Seki.

* * *

Chapter 3

* * *

Out of the river came a young woman. Her hair was so long that it touched her waist. She was completely bare and had an attractive figure. She was a river maiden, but was not always like so. She had been thrown into the river by Queen Amina’s soldiers at her order years back, and she was here for revenge.
Three years earlier, the Queen had matched southwards of Zauzzau with her army and conquered a small territory near Jauri that had refused to pay homage to her. That night, the son of the chief of that village had married a young woman according to their rites as he was of age. It was when they were about to consummate their marriage, the battle cry was heard and the heir responded to the call to defend his village, leaving his bride in their hut.
He ran closer to the intruders. He saw his men slaughtered one after the other and saw how weak his village military was. One man’s throat was slit, the belly of another was ran through with a spare and by the count of the seconds, his soldiers dropped like flies. He regrouped a small regiment and gave his instructions. These stood grounds against the Zauzzau army as the retaliation was now a bit stronger. They used the village environment to their own advantage since they knew it better, as they went into the bushes and attacked their enemies by surprise. Meanwhile, other soldiers still fought in the field. One man of the Zauzzau Army was clubbed from behind, another’s intestine was brought out as his belly was cut open by one strike of a curved sword swung by the prince, and another Zauzzau soldier’s hand was cut off and then eventually decapitated by the retaliation. The horrors of war were on that ground and both commanders watched as their men were cut down one by one.
The Queen Amina had not joined in the fight, as she expected it to be an easy one. The village was a peaceful one and they had expected little to no retaliation from the inhabitants after killing the chief and the important men in the village, which they had done successfully. But the heir defended his village alongside his soldiers, as that was his moment of definition. He had been told that his father had been killed with a sword that was pierced through his chest by an enemy.
The commander, on identifying the heir while seating on his horse that stood beside Amina as she sat on hers, charged towards him expecting an easy kill as the prince was busy fighting the other soldiers, killing them one at a time. His special charms protected him. As the general rode closer, the prince, who felt in his senses that someone was approaching from behind him, turned and saw the soldier charging towards him on a horse with a sword on his hand raised and apparently was targeting his neck. He swerved, dodging the blow. Then he hit the horse’s hind leg and then it tumbled on it’s weight, throwing the general to the ground, breaking his spine, but was still breathing, gasping for breathe. The prince ran closer to him and dealt a final blow to his head, ending his life.
The Queen then ordered a newer and stronger wave to charge against the retaliation after what she had seen the young prince do, ordering them to capture the prince alive. His army was overpowered, while he fought harder protected and empowered by the Juju he had round his waist. But he was soon overpowered and held down. He was then stripped off his charms and he was made to watch the rest of his army be slaughtered by the Zauzzau army.
That night, Amina sought to mate him with force. The story had been told in that village of how Amina killed her mate the morning after bedding him, and it got to the prince’s bride and this time the Queen had chosen the prince. The Prince’s bride ran to where they were and confronted the queen, weeping and raining curses on her speaking of her wickedness, this made her order her guards to throw her into the nearby river with a stone tied to her waist.

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