Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 2)

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“Perhaps, that is why you are perceived as infirm… You panic! Panic does nothing but shrinks you to less than what you are… Panic will turn a lion into a rabbit. Never forget that”.
They went into the tent. At first sight of her, Auta screamed, “Praise! Amina… you look like a woman, Wallai!”
Tanko perceived his intended humour, but did not laugh. His mood was still held down by what he had felt on the riverside and didn’t think something was right, and the next full moon was just a night away.
Each time he had such chill, someone important dies. Similar chills had visited him before Amina’s mother and even her brother, Karama, died. His fear was something he didn’t even want to think of at all — Amina’s own end. But he could not hide the melancholy as it was prominent all over his face. Amina did not respond to the words of Auta, but turned to Tanko to find out what was wrong with him. Auta immediately rushed in,
“His new wife couldn’t cope with his philosophy, so she ran away during the night… I wonder how I have survived over the years listening to him talk from the books brought by the white people. Perhaps I haven’t been brave enough to run away like that woman. If he could exchange slaves for a piece of map, You know, Tanko…”
“I hope to your ability to survive his philosophy would be of great help to you if I cut your tongue out, because I would do it if you do not shut up!” The Queen said to Auta.
“We both know you’re only fierce when there is a battle and after you mate… You will not cut out my tongue… But I will shut up now, and will not speak again here… But you should do something about Tanko’s Idah wife if you don’t want him to die of sadness. This would be the last time we will escort you and she was to be his youngest wife.” Auta said and began to tap his feet on the ground.
The Queen was surprised and looked at Tanko. She asked,
“Is that true, or is that just him talking?”
“Yes, we decided that this morning while taking a walk”, Tanko replied.
“Interestingly, this would be my last for conquest. I would retire after this one… I made that decision this morning too.” The Queen said.
“More reason why you should do something about Tanko’s young bride before the old… Sorry… I forgot I wasn’t to speak further…” Auta said and reached for a kola nut from the set in a bowl on the table. “This would keep my mouth busy…” He said, and began to eat it without having it washed.
“Is that really it, Tanko? Your young bride? Order a search party to find her! Or you can select another one, or even more. I have seen these people have beautiful women! There must be more that suit your taste…”
Tanko then cut in, “says the Sara Chibiya”.
The queen gasped at his words, then she continued,
“let thoughts of her no longer yank your chain, I’ll send a search party if you want”.
Auta chuckled where he sat and looked at Tanko, who returned the look with a short stare, then Tanko said to the Queen,
“worrying over what I worry about is only futile to your Kingdoms… I have long forgotten about the girl… and I sense this was not what you called us for.”
Thus ending the topic raised by Auta. The Queen paused for a minute like she meditated on the words she was to vomit.
Suddenly, Auta dropped a quick question, “Where is the body of the fine man you married last night?”

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