Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 2)

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Tanko, with a meekly smile on his face, attempted to respond to a question he knew not the answer to, he said
“isn’t that what you have always wanted?”
Auta was still troubled, then he responded to Tanko,
“I wanted her to marry when she was FER—tile and not now… now that she is as barren as a burnt wood… I wanted it, but not like this. I fear she would choose the man as her permanent partner. A foreigner would rule over Zauzzau as habe!”
He paused, then continued,
“…what if he kills her in Zauzzau to be in full control? He wasn’t even scared of looking at her! While other men bowed to her majesty, he stared! Into her eyes, Tanko!… (he had a scorn look on his face now) and then she just… she picked him!”
Tanko cut in,
“You, Auta, worry too much. We don’t know whether he is still alive. He could be as stiff as a log of wood already by now. And you speak now like you would want to be the Magajiya’s groom after all…”, accompanying them with a smile on his face that intended to mock his worried friend.
“…Me? No. No. No. No! Of course not!” Auta exclaimed.
That had him taken aback. Auta had no plans of becoming Amina’s husband. Tanko knew that, his words were not in anyway meant to be an accusation. But Auta just begun defending himself as he continued,
“…I am just deeply concerned about the descendants of the throne of Zauzzau. The habe should be a descendant of Bayajidda. That Atagara peasant is younger than our queen and nature may have its way that she would die before him if luck is on his side. What would happen after that!? He may go and marry someone else! You know what that means for a man who is not a Bahaushe like us? Well, it would be most profitable to have her lifelong bedder to be from amongst the sons of Bayajidda and not one from… well, some conquered land!”
Tanko laughed. Auta is surprised by Tanko’s response, he said,
“…you laau—gh, ha! You know what I say is true? What stories would be told of Amina Sarauniya Zauzzau? That her husband was a man from a land she conquered and her descendants are his offsprings, but not hers… The men would grow up to become feeble prin—ces! This! …is too much.”.
Tanko laughed out loud because ‘feeble princes’ described Auta in many ways.
“…laugh all you want, you know what I say is true… I may not see the future, but I can guess what would happen.”
Auta said to Tanko, who was now amazed. Perhaps, he found Auta’s words amusing and they were quite mood lifting. While Amina would marry a man and have him killed after bedding him, Auta and Tanko would pick a beautiful maiden each, marry them and take them to Zauzzau. But, the night before, Tanko’s bride had escaped. A bad morning was what he ought to have, but he was somehow consoled. He was a knowledgeable man and his gift of precognition made him think anything could happen and everything happened for a reason. He barely ever got the wind up. Auta’s display, only made things better.

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