Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 1)

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It was just after Auta’s bride had been taken away that Tanko sent a servant to go in to the bevy and bring his bride and she was brought forward to stand in front of him. She was tall and had a diamond shaped face, with thin lips, just like the Fulani girls Tanko had seen before, but she was not Fulani. Her skin was black color and the hair on her head was half braided. Her hair was being plaited just before the war struck. Tanko could guess in his mind that she should be about seventeen years of age. She put her face down as she stood in front of Tanko. He raised his hands to hold her shoulders. She gasped and began to cry. Tanko then caressed her lower lips with his right thumb. With his left hand, he wiped her tears. She raised her face to look at him and Tanko smiled. He only thought she was scared of him and wanted to make her feel comfortable. But it was more. She was being prepared to marry a man before the war came. She loved the man she was to marry and was even a few months pregnant for him, but she feared he had been killed. At Tanko’s command, she was taken away to be prepared for her marriage with Tanko. Her second prospective husband within the space of a sunrise and a sunset.
As she was taken away, Auta applauded his friend for making such a good choice. He teased Tanko as they both left to prepare for their own marriage and the other officials began to select their bride one after the other, and there was a fight and lot casting as usual.
Amina came out to pick her groom. As she was seen walking out of her tent accompanied by the commander of her army, Auta and Tanko, signals were made for the music and dancing to cease for the moment. The Men that had been gathered were brought before her, about ten of them. They all stood as she sat on a bronze seat. While nine of them looked to the ground, one of them looked at the Queen eye to eye and the people noticed. The crowd began to murmur. He did not seem scared at all. A soldier who stood in the corner was already prepared with his knife waiting for the queen’s order to kill him. But he was disappointed. They all thought she would execute him. But she did not. She eventually chose him. The people were surprised and they murmured amongst themselves. She often ordered that any man arrayed before her but was acting stubborn should be killed. The other men were taken away and bounded in a cage. They were to be sold into slavery.
“Na gani ina”, she whispered to Tanko who was by her left, meaning ‘I like what I see’.
Of course, she did. He looked huge and his chest looked very attractive above his packs and his muscles looked strong. His face of inverted triangular shape was ruggedly handsome. He was about one foot taller than Amina, and much younger. Perhaps, he was in his thirties.
The man was taken away and led to the chamber where he was to be prepared for his marriage with the Queen, or more or less, his supposed last night of pleasure.

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