Last Days Of Queen Amina – by Davi’O R. Seki (Chapter 1)

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As usual, this was also to be another wedding night for their Queen, Amina, who was being prepared in a tent specially made for her. Amina was Queen of Zauzzau and a conqueror, a warrior woman. She was often perceived to be a man by many of her subjects as she never showed signs of endearment to men, not even those of royal bloodline. She would go pick a man to marry from any land she conquered and then kill him the morning after the night they consummated their marriage. Some rumoured that it was because the men did not satisfy her in bed. Others said it was her battle ritual and charm. Others said she didn’t want a heir. Other things were said. Many, however, did not care — Zauzzau has been made great, and that was all that mattered to these ones. She had ruled over Zauzzau for 35 years until this time. Now, though she still had her battle form, the Queen felt she needed to have a family. Perhaps, she had grown envious of her younger sister’s family in Zaria. She began to think she needed a family — something more than winning wars, being paid tributes and getting large supplies of kola nut. She thought that happiness could be gotten if she finally married.
Meanwhile, her best friends from childhood, Auta and Tanko, stood outside just where the young maidens of Idah had been gathered. Both were clothed in indigo gandora and tagelmust. From these young women the high officers in the Queen’s party would pick a new wife as a souvenir from that land. Auta and Tanko were to pick first.
“What if we pick the same woman?” Auta asked Tanko.
“I don’t see the possibilities of that happening, not after what happened the last time. We can never again pick the same woman as bride. It would only happen again when pigs fly.” Tanko replied.
“If it happens again, then another war, my friend! Another war. But I would let you have her. You let me go with the woman the first time that happened. It would be a way to pay you back for your sense of wisdom. As friends, I’m glad we see eye to eye on many matters.” Auta said, looking at Tanko with a smile on his face.

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