He was just up there, dangling from the roof-top, his body was already soo cold and lifeless….

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So, my family and I went over to my parents house for the weekend and I saw the shocker of my life. I have never seen anything like that in the whole of my entire twenty-something life.

Mum had gone for evening service in church after we have after dinner. Dad was not home but had called me to prepare something for him to eat. I was in the kitchen preparing dads meal while the kids were with my younger ones in the living room. I suddenly heard a scream from only God knows where, I ignored thinking it was just someone having weekend fun. The screaming came again and again and again.  I was force to leave the kitchen to check what was happening.


Gbenga! Gbenga! Gbenga!!!! Was all I kept hearing. I was forced to jump out of the house this time around. Mummy Gbenga has killed himself ooo!!! A man in his late 40’s told me this in my native language, looking towards my direction. I knew he was confused, he obviously taught I was my mum. I was there staring like a moron more confused myself.

This time around,I was curious to know what was happening has my mums neighbors house kept getting crowded with people. I went into the house and discovered a man in his late 30’s,he was light skinned, handsome and very-good looking. He was up there, dangling from the roof-top, his body was already cold and lifeless. Hmmmm!!!!  I have only heard this in the news, I have never seen it with my eyes. He took his life suicide!!!! What on earth could have prompted him to do this?

Watchout for the remaining part of the story. It will shock you!!!!



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