How It Works

Beguwa is a hub of savvy, interesting people—writers, bloggers, fun seekers, conversation starters, writing and sharing interesting thoughts via words, pictures, graphs and videos.

In Beguwa, we know it can be time-consuming when pouring out your heart through words. We know you love it and would do it endlessly. That said, we would like to share a percentage of the ads revenue gotten from your traffic. This is a way to encourage and clear the space for you to do what you love to do.


We have provided a unique set of tools to help you create and build great audience. What else are you waiting for?

Tips to get your post approved.

Note: We have stopped the free membership registration. For you to complete your registration, a quarterly fee of ₦1,250 is mandated. Please visit here to make your payment and get your confirmation code

  1. Make sure your post is at least 100 words.
  2. Add at least one Image.
  3. Write an error free post. Properly formatted.
  4. Write a unique post. Don’t go copying other people’s write-up. We have parameters in check to detect defaulters.
  5. Choose the appropriate category
  6. Make sure you’ve read the FAQ page.

Happy Writing!

Here is how it will go down.

  • We will pay you 70% of the ads revenue your post accumulate. We calculate every unique traffic you direct to your post and pay you for that.
  • You can see your stats in real time.
  • A thousand impression can earn you between ₦4, 100 – ₦7,020 depending on the quality of the traffic
  • It is not easy to gather comments.We will pay you ₦50 for every unique comment you get.
  • Once your payment hits or exceeds ₦3,000, you will be paid. Get paid every weekend. Never wait until month end. No stressful documentations.
  • Share your posts, we will pay you for that.
  • We pay in Naira, straight to your bank account. For international payment, please send a quick mail to