Health Is Wealth


Health is the state of well being of an individual while wealth determines how rich you are. The adage Health Is Wealth is a complete meaningful adage.  A person is healthy when he or she is not deprived from any healthy life. If he or she is free from illnesss, inflammation, diseases, then the person state of wellbeing is good.



A wealthy person on the other hand is a person who enjoy  his or her comfortable life without any hindrance.


This proverb “Health Is Weight” goes along with each other because without being healthy , no more amount of wealth you can enjoy. You will be experiencing a lot of suffering and your wealthiness is of no longer important.


Sometime, wealth can be used to buy health. If you are unhealthy as a result of some illness or diseases and you go to the hospital, getting some medications and you regain your health. Then the proverb is proven to be correct.


Tips to make this proverb work for you are;


1. Avoid eating unripened fruit.

2. Maintain an hygienic environment.


3. Wash your clothes with good    detergents and iron if possible.

4. Eating a balanced diet.

5. Drinking clean water and make sure    you drink enough water before and    after meal.

6. Keep or store your food in safe  cabinets to avoid attack by some  animals to prevent disease  such as  lasser fever

7. Drink Milk to balance the protein needed by your body.

8. Maintaining good hygiene always

9. Avoid eating spoiled food and dispose carefully

10. Bath with clean water always which is germ free and put detol when needs warrant.

Those points listed above if practised well can span your life and prevents you from any manifestation and infection of diseases.

These points will make you enjoy your health and consequently your wealth.

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