God’s Inaction or Strength

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Severally we encounter difficulties in life (whether minor or major), and being human our first thought becomes; personal effort to eliminate it.

When no change is effected, we may probably think further( seeking advice or counsel, maybe think positively, do good, pray fervently etc), yet when it seems nothing is working out; maybe especially when we’re in right standing with God, we may gradually begin to grow weary in our faith in God, feel He no longer cares or He has abandoned us.


But looking intently we can hear God saying nothing or something,yet reasons still unclear. Why not wait patiently, perhaps you’re tested or He is working out His purpose. He wants us to bring something good out of your situation. No wonder in James 1:2ff, the scripture enjoins us to consider it pure joy when you face diverse trials cos it builds our faith, patience, meekness….

God’s inaction( to our understanding) isn’t weakness but proving His strength in our weakness. ” My grace is sufficient for you” He says.

So whenever life’s burden oppress you and trials are too much to face, remember His strength is made perfect in your weakness (2corinth 12:9b) and He’ll give you His power ( not yours) and grace necessary to scale through.

Don’t give up, He will come and save you.


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