GLOBAL WARMING: a need for enlightment

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Global warming has become a major threat in the world that many presidents in the world have created a team to research about its cause and to make amendment. So many people don’t know the meaning of this threat, its causes and its effect on our dear planet earth.

According to the Oxford dictionary it defines global warming as the sustained increase in the average temperature of the earth, enough to cause climate change.


Global warming occurs in an environment as a result of man’s activities which melts the ozone layer and brings about the unpredictable climate the world is experiencing today.

Some of the man’s daily activities that combine to the emergence of global warming in the environment are as follows:

  1. BURNING OF FOSSIL FUEL: mobility of man from one destination to another is made easy through the automobile cars, vehicle or motorcycle a source of burning fuel. The environment is posed with this hazard because of too many vehicles traversing the road every hour of the day. This should be reduced by using or adopting renewable energy methods to power our automobiles
  2. DEFORESTATION: trees are the major producer of oxygen in our environment, which the human breathe in and the plants takes in the carbon dioxide emitted by human as a constituent that forms its photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight. The deforestation of trees without replacing them with another one(afforestation) is one of the activities of man who brings the threat to our environment, and this can be mitigated by creating a law that has in it that a tree fell must be replaced with another and the reserve managers must adhere to it.
  3. NITROUS OXIDE: agriculture is an activity of man to produce more food for consumption and for export purpose. The soil needs fertilizer to germinate the crops in time to meet up with the demand of the mass. The fertilizer is a rich source of nitrous oxide which causes global warming.
  4. METHANE: methane is the simplest aliphatic hydrocarbon which is a constituent of natural gas. The human activity that brings about methane in the environment is decomposition of organic matter which is the process of composting the manure. Composting the manure yields methane which is a greenhouse gas. Methane obtained from composting should be used as cooking gas which serves as a source of renewable energy
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