How to get a social media job in Nigeria

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The advent of social media in our generation has seen it grow to become a core component of our daily lives. The world at large practically live, interact and conduct daily activities on various social communication platforms. It is so amazing how social media has changed our lives. We can now access information at our convenience, meet new friends without necessarily having to visit them, connect with others, and raise global awareness, among other nice benefits of the social media.

One of the many social media researches on the web as at February 2017 revealed Facebook now reports 70 million more monthly active users, 1.86 billion, Instagram announces 600 million users in their blog post, Twitter announces 313 million active users, WhatsApp has now more than 1.2 billion monthly active users (up from 1 billion) and Facebook messenger has now more than 1billion monthly active users. This reveals how much we are glued to various social platforms.


Being glued to the various social media platforms present ample opportunity to explore and could get you a job in our country despite the high rate of unemployment. Various social media jobs you can clinch includes analyst, brand ambassador, content writer/ blogger, editor/publisher, ,Brand Manager, community manager, content manager, content strategist, digital communications professional, digital content manager, digital media manager, digital media producer, digital media supervisor, director of community, director, communications planning, director, online communications, director, social marketing and brand communications, director, social media marketing, director of social media, director of social media communications, director, social media relations, director of social media strategy, engagement coordinator, engagement manager.

Other jobs include interactive media associate, interactive media coordinator, interactive media manager, internet marketing coordinator, internet marketing manager, manager digital and social media, manager, social media, multi-media communications specialist, online content coordinator, social media account executive, social media analyst, social media assistant, social media associate, social media coordinator, social media designer, social media editor, social media executive, social media marketing coordinator, social media manager, social media producer, social media specialist and social media strategist.

If you desire is to get a social media job, then He said employers are looking for candidates that can demonstrate evidence of having gained traction – increased engagement metrics such as followers, likes, comments, re-posts – for a real, social media case study.

These are other tips to landing a social media job:

  1. Create a perfect online presence

To get a social media job in Nigeria, the first thing you need to do is be an active participant on all social media platforms. Create a blog, post updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a regular basis to gain enough followers and show potential employers reason why they should hire you.

Often times, employers surf the internet to check the social presence of applicants for job screening

  1. Create a niche for your self

Every employer craves for a good social media content writer. You have to create a niche for yourself. This niche should be your forte. It could either be promoting business, writing on life stories, investment, politics, celebrities, gossips, among others.

Your employee might then train you on proper ways to improve the company you intend working for.

  1. Engage yourself with employees in your desired social media field

The internet has a better way of connecting with employees or potential employers in your desired social media field. You can search for contacts on LinkedIn, or search for individuals on Twitter by typing the word “social media” into the search field. This will help expose and promote your social media skills and content to potential employers.

On top of that, you can reply articles, social media posts by a company or any professional in social media to establish a relationship. Be sure when a job opening for relevant post is available, you would be contacted.

  1. Make yourself available for internships

No matter the feat you intend achieving in your desired social media job, internship opportunities afford you the opportunity to learn. It should be noted that social media jobs can be tedious which explains the fact it is not for everyone.  You can seek an internship opportunity to manage a brand or company social media profile to enable you work professionally before committing yourself to a full-time position.

The most exciting part of internship is its availability across major social media platform

  1. Visit reputable websites to put applications through

Employers will always post available social media jobs on their company websites or various job websites. All you need do is provide explicit details in your resume or application about the social media experience you have gained, as well as the ways you can move the company or organisation forward.

You can access available jobs on these reputable websites to help kick start your application process for a social media job. They include,,,,,,,,,, among others

In all, you need to stay informed if you want to get a social media job in Nigeria. This will enable you to stay abreast of new updates, applications features trending in the social media world.


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