Few Days Before The University.

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A month to my travel to the university, my mother and I started buying everything I needed. We bought things like a bucket, shoes, shirts, trousers, a set of sport wears, laundry soap, and stationary. While in the market, I noticed that the prices of everything had increased by 100%, and I was very disheartened. We had to reduce the number of commodities we intended to purchase.

On our way home, alot of people congratulated me and encouraged me to build on the foundation laid by my parents. I appreciated their concern and thanked them. As the days drew closer, I dreamt of the University and the activities I would engage into when I eventually get there.


The day to my departure, I visited my cousins, stayed till even with them, discussing how they could miss my absence. At night, I woke up and packed the remaining bags. My family members were sober, they had started missing me already.

Finally, the long awaited day arrived and I travelled to the University and certainly my dream came true. The environment was wonderful, with students arriving, group of friends chatting and laughing loudly. Despite the fact that it was a hectic day, I never felt the stress because it was a day I desired to see.

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