Don’t Give In To Failure: You Are More Than What They Say or Do

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I know you’ve doubted yourself and wonder when will does lofty dreams come true? When will your prayers be answered? You just can’t seem to have it all figure out. The harder you try thinking to yourself “yes! Am getting closer” only then you realise that your journey is far from starting.
There are many check points and road blocks as you progress, you have to be tested. Undergoing some herculean task is a must for you to achieve that which you’ve been working towards. Have you ever seen none student of a school writing exams in that school? Have you ever seen or heard of someone who was never employed by an organization been called to write the promotional exams? I guess no! Whatever you are going through is as a result of what you hope to achieve. Where you put your mind and the type of strides you are taking towards making that dream a reality. Life was never a bed roses, so when you find yourself undergoing hardships. Don’t give up! Keep pushing; you’ve got to use all you have. No matter how slow your pace is, so long as you don’t stop keeping moving. According to an ancient Babylonian adage: “the goddess of good luck favours the men of hard work”
You’ll fail, and fail, and fail and fail! People will laugh at you, you have to remain positive. One day failure will push you away because you’ve stayed too long and she needs a replacement. Believe in your dreams, they will take you where no man will ever take you. As my brother Brain Box succinctly put it “Dreams wakes me” let your dream keep u awake, let it unsettle you, let it disturb you, let it bug you, let it take you out of track just to get back on track. Only then it can become a part of you. So when you drink you drink it. When you sleep, you dream about it. When you wake up, it is the first thing that pops in your head. Dare to be different, don’t stand with the crowd, and stand out from the crowd.

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