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Humans at all stage of life are full of visions for achievement.


If you come across 20 people along the way, by interview 19 if not all will give you at least one vision they carry in heart. The question is, how many of these visions will come to limelight???

The events of life unfolds in every moment, and none can specifically say with all boldness and accuracy that in this or that period, I will be here and it turns out perfectly.

This means our environment, circumstances even visions( for some individuals) are bound to change. What differentiates two individuals with same goal and circumstance is their determination to achieve that goal no matter what comes around.

Since life and circumstances around our immediate environment or vicinity may defer from that somewhere else.

It is expected that for survival, easy adaptation is important.

Does adaptation here then refer to loosing purpose?

Does it imply picking every trash within the environment as goals( new or old)??

Does it also imply yielding to undue and unworthy persuasions???

Of course not. What matters most is living with purpose, expectations and without compromise not withstanding the ideology within that region( new environs).

Though the food and rewards were enticing, Daniel saw something far greater and chose not to settle with the less around him.

And Daniel made up his mind not to defile himself with any portion of the king’s meal Dan. 1:8

Be a Possibiliterian- see possibility always.

Stay focused.

It will be yours soon.


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