The Degradence of Women in our societies today.

In our societies today, the position of a woman is being relegated to the bottom. Women today are seen as objects to be used by the men. Women are used as sex workers and involved in sex trafficking. Some women are even forced into prostitution.

Men nowadays treat women how they want and even abuse them physically, emotionally and sexually. This has led to some women losing their self esteems and thinking that acting like a whore would make them more important. Most women do these things just to get the attention of men and all this is due to the way the society has treated women. In the olden days, our mothers were treated like queens by their husbands and respected by their children but nowadays due to the western culture, children now treat their mothers the way they want and even beat up their mothers.


Some husbands even go as far as bringing another woman to their matrimonial homes and beds and still beat up the woman if she complains. All these things show how women are being degraded. Some men even get married just because he is interested in using the woman as a stepping stone to his success. Women are not objects to be used and disposed of anytime. They are made to be cared for, loved and cherished. Only few men know the importance of these things. My advice to the women out there is that let no one use you. Do not lose your self-esteem, place yourself where you are meant to be and see how you would be treated like a queen. Do not settle for less.

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