The Death Of A sickle Cell friend(True Story)

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She died after drinking in poison. She was a hearty friend of mine and I couldn’t help the flood of tears that poured out of my eyes when I saw the bottle of poison in her hands with tears in her eyes; still crying while dead

Onah’s mother refused Adiya’s marriage to onah all because her genotype was SS  and Onah’s AA. Onah is the fourth man Adiya loved with all she got. All men turned this beautiful lady down immediately they heard Adiya is a sickle cell patient.After much emotional plea from Onah to mummy, onah’s mother accepted Adiya to get married to her son. This was a ploy to have access to discuss with Adiya in person. Onah out of joy invited the love of his life to speak with his Mum. Onah went out to get a bottle of drink for his love leaving his love (Adiya) in the ironic safe hands of his mum.


After the impeccable pretentious welcoming, which made Onah to believe that his love is in safe hands,Onah’s Mum released her pent-up emotions. She told Adiya that,” no man would want to marry problem. My dear you must pray to God to see you through” Adiya’s eyes are already beaming with tears. Onah’s mum added”it is over my dead body that I watch my son’s children go through such. You are not welcomed into the Johnson’s family “. she mocks Adiya and sent her out of her house,just to make sure she (Adiya) declined the marriage proposal from Onah. Adiya ran home after the humiliation from Onah’s mother, she couldn’t stand losing another man. When she got home,her hip bone issues which forces her to use a walking aid deteriorated. She cried with the pains in her body. She crawled on her buttocks (the pain was too much),she picked the poison in a black short bottle,she looked at it; more tears drop. She raised her head to see the sky to know why God had made her so. She drank it still gazing. She died slowly and while dead, she still was crying. When her Mum came to see the dead corpse,it was still pouring tears. It cried even when it was being laid 6 feet under.

Onah blamed the mother for her death. He told her that she slowly talked Adiya to death. As a result he vowed never to get married again. And when Onah’s Mum got to know that they wouldn’t have had issues since her son was AA,she couldn’t forgive herself.
Please let’s not be ignorant of sickle cell and let’s stop the discrimination. Your words can kill someone close to you

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