Critical Reading: The only solution to sincere ignoramus and cognitive laziness

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The question that first comes to mind is that how critical reading can only be the solution to real ignoramus and cognitive laziness.
Before I dive into the write-up in full, I will like to explain some keynote on the topic which is the ignoramus and cognitive.
An ignoramus is a person that is totally ignorant, uneducated, uninformed. Cognitive is relating to the part of the mental function that deals with logic.
Why do world leaders attach so much importance to the training of reading? It is because they know that Leading Nations are the reading Nations. In Nigeria today the reverse is the case, the youth are lazy and doesn’t find time to read or develop any personal skill.
In a community or Society, real ignoramus is very dangerous to an individual in particular and the society as a whole.
Critical Reading is the capacity for suspended judgment and the interpretation of the author’s motives. It also involves a sufficient background of knowledge to provide a sound basis for a decision. There is an existence of appropriate criteria in the mind of the reader.
Below are some levels in critical reading:
Level 1: determining the relevancy of material to the discourse.
Level 2: evaluation or determination of the facts or sources of information. This level further splits into two sections which are
(i) Read from several sources
(ii)comparison and author’s qualification.
Level 3: appraise the validity of author’s conclusion.
For a person to develop a critical reading skill below are some steps to follow to achieve an adequate competence.



(i) Open mind
(ii) Elimination of Prejudices
(iii) Neutral position
(iv) Eliminate Emotions
(v)Differentiate Fact from Opinion
(vi)Identify propaganda.
With the above-listed steps, I think you can be free from being and ignorant and a slave to superstition.


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