Computer Literacy: You are not too old to code

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When people hear the word coding, they think it is an ambiguous statement that requires a genius to understand. Coding as interpreted by individuals is not hard but in the real sense; it is a hard task to do.
The art of coding can become comfortable if a person follows guidelines laid by experts who went through the rough stage of learning to code. You can learn to code irrespectively of your age and background.
Learning to code improve the brain thinking capacity and help an individual to have several ways of solving problems.
Stages that can contribute to getting to code easily without a hitch for any age bracket and background.



1. Understand the reason why you want to learn to code
The motive behind the zeal of doing a thing is the first thing that an individual should have, and that will keep the person going irrespective of the hurdles faced during the learning process.
2.Choose the relevant language the suit your aim
Learning the wrong language can be frustrating and can jeopardize someone goal of seeking for the best. Do research and select the right language that suits the project or plan you want to execute for example an aspiring web developer should learn HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. An aspiring computer software developer should learn C# for development.
3.Begin with small task and be patient
Nobody wants to start as a beginner, but the truth is that a person with a beginner’s mind is ready to explore the world of endless possibilities, having this kind of mindset the person is open to many resources.
4.Use online training site
For a web developer I will recommend and for computer application developer, virtual academy is a great resource. Also, I will recommend for starting any language and to choose a path if not certain of the route to follow.
5.Get a free programming book

grab a free programming book to pass the time with when you are less busy to gain some experiences about the language you are trailing.
With the above tips, I think have convinced that you are not too old to code

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